Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Genuin facts for the catastrophe in Bahrain that are overlooked by global human rights organizations

Genuin facts for the catastrophe in Bahrain that are overlooked by global human rights organizations

The protest of 14Feb, 2011 in Bahrain was it peaceful or was it bloody 

The following video shows the so called “Peaceful” Protesters in Bahrain attacking the Sunni student (they attacked females before male’s!) in University of Bahrain (UOB) with swords, knives, steel and heavy wooden sticks, and destroying the buildings of the University

Now after you have seen this video I have a simple question for you: Do you still believe that the protesters in Bahrain are peaceful?


The next video shows how the 14Feb terrorist drive over and kill unarmed policemen

Do you see such acts in peaceful protest?

This video shows how the so called “peaceful” protesters
attack policemen by throwing moltives on them

Question? Do you accept this in your country


            Watch the criminal act by protesters in Bahrain                        

Do you accept that the policemen who are out there risking their lives to protect you are killed in this brutal way in your own country?


See how the terrorists in Bahrain are using an ambulance to torture and kidnap innocent people and take them to the Shia butchers in the Salmanyah hospital, which was occupied by Shia terrorist, to operate on them and show the world that those kidnapped people are peaceful protesters beaten by police!!. The protesters transferred the ER room in Salmanyah Hospital to a stage for their big plays, were they brought people who were beaten by them, or people from the protesters themselves who used makeup to fake injuries to show them as victims of the government. Furthermore they operated on people from the protesters whom only had scratches on their bodies to make their wounds bigger and that caused the death of sum of them.

Are ambulances used to kidnaper people or to tack them to hospitals to have a proper treatment?


 See how Shia Protesters in Bahrain kidnap Asian workers

What was the guilt that was committed by those Asian men’s to become the prisoners of the Protesters?
Video shows how very dangerous terrorists to torture traitors


See how terrorize the people in Bahrain are by those so called “peaceful” protesters


Do you accept these acts in one of the beautiful streets of your country?

See how the Police are attacked by the “Peaceful” protesters in Bahrain

From what I see those peaceful protesters are saboteurs, what do you see?

See how Bahrain protestors try to murder the police by using Molotov’s

What do you say in this act


Ambush a terrorist target security men

Bahrain protesters scandals


Are they pretending to carry a weapon? No, It’s in their hands and their using it.

In this video, the protesters burned a police car and while shouting the word “peaceful”!

What is the action that you expect the government to take against those criminals to stop their acts?


Here we see how the protesters abuses the human rights of
foreigners living in Bahrain by kidnapping and torturing them

Those expatriates left their homes and came to our peaceful country looking for a living.
Why is this happening to them, what have they done to deserve those harmful acts from the protesters?


Shia in Bahrain destroyed Bahrain estate’s and blocked streets


Facts.. What really happened in Bahrain?


Huamn Rights Watch _ UN _ Child Abuse _Protesters in Bahrain forcing kids to protest!

No comment


Bahrain Protestors Exploiting school Girls


Bahrain Health Crisis - Fox News Video -

Is it permissible to use hospitals in protesting?


Evidence of protesters taking over SMC Hospital in Bahrain


Now with the show becoming more interesting see how the protesters are misleading the public by
Faking facts, injuries, and videos.

This is some of the truth about the terror that was caused by the protesters and the facts on how they fabrication the events in Bahrain to show the world what they want them to see, and there is a lot more of them, but what do you say
now ?

See how to burn my flag of the Vandals in Bahrain

View the protesters in Bahrain waving flags and pictures of


Video Showing The true Bahraini Citizens

 Bahrain Land of Peace - البحرين أرض السلام

Finally, after watching these videos it became clear to you the true events of what happened in Bahrain, and now you know that those protesters were not peaceful. I hope that everyone reads this, post this link for the world to see the truth and the lies of what happened in Bahrain, and thank you.

Does peaceful demonstrations includes sabotaging the main streets and damaging the public properties?